Lack of proper nutrition leads to Chronic Disease and Mental Health issues


It is time to break up with bad carbs (they are like a bad ex-boyfriend/girlfriend). That ex will continue to keep coming back to you. Do not allow it. Picture yourself free, healthy and clear minded. See yourself free from cravings of foods that do not fuel or energize you. Logically, you know bad carbs leave you feeling lethargic and foggy headed (just like that ex). But, if we are honest, at that moment, carbs look and taste so good. …just like bad ex (#winky face) Accept what you are doing is difficult. Realize you will succumb to cravings sometimes. But the war cry is to get right back on track the very next meal. That's right, the very next meal not starting over tomorrow. Many say, well, I messed up and ate that chocolate croissant as a morning snack- I guess I've messed up again, I will try to do better tomorrow. Instead, now picture yourself the very next meal doing it right. The next meal is always your opportunity.


In general, self-confidence is built by moments of success. No matter how small the task or event, a positive experience creates self-assurance. And vice-versa is true. Any negative experience will tear down our self-esteem. 

Lack of self-confidence in the area of healthy eating is a barrier to successful eating. 

Why? Because the majority of us have failed numerous times over and over. It is ingrained into our subconscious. Therefore, the moment we give into temptation, our brain says "I told ya that would happen" and yet another block to eating healthy is put on our wall of defeat.  

An action step is to create small forward steps of momentum. This is in acknowledging our success along the way. 

  • Yay me, I started to eat healthy
  • Yesterday, I drank 1/2 of my water that I am striving to drink. (Glass is 1/2 full not 1/2 empty concept)
  • I am doing this, I went grocery shopping and bought healthy foods
  • I acknowledge what I am doing is hard, but I am still "doing"
  • I did not stick to my meal plan, but the very next meal, I got back on track- I sooo gooood! 
  • I completed one day of healthy eating- I started a streak! 
  • I completed two days in a row of my healthy eating, not only did I start my streak, I'm now on a roll! 

Be creative and have fun with confidence building statements. It would be fun to write them in a journal or in your phone's note section. Then a powerful trick is to go back and reread them at the end of the week. Getting into this routine will reset your subconscious and then in turn train your day to day thoughts. 

More and more research is showing the relationship between the gut and brain function.  In other words, what we eat is making an impact on our brain.  The concept is that inflammatory foods (cookies, cakes, pop, proceed and packaged foods) cause gut inflammation that leads to brain inflammation that leads to psychiatric symptoms. 

Learning to eat healthy is a vital piece of the treatment for a healthy mind. 

What are the basics?  Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.  Choose to eat proteins and fruits and vegetables.  Start cutting out donuts, cookies, candy, processed foods, frozen meals, pop and packaged snacks.  

Begin with correcting one meal at a time.  For example, start with breakfast.  If you typically eat donuts for breakfast,  tweak this meal first, then move to another snack or meal of the day.  It is about your "direction" not "perfection" 

I hate Veggies...

Juice Plus Bridges the Gap

Why in the world would I eat ten servings of fruits and vegetables per day?

Imagine having more energy to run errands, luncheon with friends, or start a new hobby or begin to exercise.  Wouldn't it feel good to...feel good?

The USDA recommends 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  However, research is now showing 10 servings is even better.  These amounts are proving to reduce heart disease, risk of stroke and to lower risk of cancer.

Most find it difficult to get 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetable per day.  But 10 servings seems insurmountable.  Many fear the cost, a decreased shelf life for such foods and time involved to create such meals.  Buying produce in season, in bulk, canned or frozen can actually lower one's grocery bill and stretch shelf life.  Consider meal prepping to save time, have healthy meals delivered, or utilize grocery pick-up where available.  Washing an apple and taking a bite, takes less time than it does to prepare a frozen dinner.  Then, instead of counting servings, try the USDA's MyPlate method.  Fill 1/2 your plate with fruits and vegetables.  You will be on your way to getting your daily servings. 

Eating real fruits and vegetables, its the best.  But for some of us, we need an extra boost.  Juice Plus to the rescue.  Juice Plus is real fruits and vegetables blended into a capsule or gummy for convenience. 

Juice Plus provides the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.  Can you eat real fruits and vegetables with juice plus? - Please do.  Juice Plus bridges the gap of what one actually eats (or doesn't eat) to what one needs to eat. 

Juice Plus is set up as Multi-Level Marketing business.  However, you do not have to do the business to reap the benefits.  Our representatives understand this.  They sell Juice Plus because they have enjoyed the health benefits.  They would like to share  those benefits with you.  

(If you are interested in the business , be sure to ask them- cause you wont get hassled here




In real estate we have heard, location, location, location. In weight loss the equivalent is motion, motion, motion. However, just like we need the right location in real estate, we need the right motion in weight loss. Weight loss is not our only concern.  Exercise activates or muscles and improves blood flow.  There is nothing wrong with doing exercise that increases your heart rate like running or playing basketball or even bootcamps. High intensity exercise burns calories and can (if done correctly) builds muscle. If you enjoy pounding the pavement or working up a sweat- go for it. 

Sometimes that kind of sweaty work out is even cathartic. Find something you can do for a lifetime. Imagine the type of exercise you would like to be doing when you are seventy, eighty, ninety- we are going for longevity. Think of things like, walking, dancing, weight lifting, golfing, even yoga or pilates. These are low intensity exercise. Low intensity still burns calories and builds muscle. And, here is a secret- low intensity exercise decreases appetite. 

One of our biggest struggles is feeling hungry. After a high intensity work out, our brains tell us we should be rewarded and your stomach feels the need to be rewarded too. Our mind says, I worked out so hard, I deserve extra calories. Our physical stomach with the hunger pangs play right into this train of thought. Instead, use knowledge to overcome powerful emotional and real physiological resistance. Think of exercise (low intensity exercise) not as a calorie burner (though it is) but as an appetite suppressant. This is a natural way to  decrease appetite instead of using chemicals/ diet pills.  


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